AR Holiday Card

Interactive Card Set for Your Architecture

Mingxuan Qin
MAUD 2020
Yamei Chen
MAUD 2020
Tongtong Zhou
MLAUD 2020
1 AR scene of 3 environment looking from an iPad screen

It’s that time of year – Happy Holiday! We present a set of themed holiday cards that will transform your architecture pieces into the AR world, with the bonus -- interactive components that allow you to manipulate the environment.

3 themes include a Snow Mountain, with pine trees, flying Santa and reindeer; an Iceberg, with moving icebergs, and a penguin; a Forest, with deciduous trees, and flying flower petals. Within each folded card, the user will receive a main theme piece, a target piece with around buttons, and several 3D-printed objects functioning as the button handlers. The case of the card can be folded into a support for setting up the theme image and the buttons. A pre-installed App dedicated for this AR Holiday Card kit allows the user to manipulate the environment in an AR world.

Have fun!

Project video
2 Real-time interaction with the AR and the environment
3 Themed holiday cards with target pieces