Becoming Image

An Exploration within Imaging Itself

Caleb Hawkins
MDes Tech 2021
1 The input image is no longer legible

As an artist I investigate the tensions, and synchronicities between technologies of display, interaction, sensing, and surveillance. Situated between a virtual self comprised of data, and the physical world that I perceive with my body, I perform artistic acts to interject myself into the digital feedback loop of imaging technology. I use various technological mediums to move between virtual and physical realms of making in order to conceptualize new embodied perceptions of technology. It provides a method of learning more about their relationships to, and effects on public and private space.

Becoming Image, is part of an artistic process of conceptually understanding the digital image. I designed an interactive, virtual image transcoder that responds to bodily movements and audio frequencies to explore the relationships between image, pixels, sound, and body. It is used to virtually explode the image, and explore the virtual space between its pixels. By deconstructing the data in the transcoder and looking at pieces from within, we can gain new insight into what it means to see images in the digital age.

Project video
2 You can get lost in the vortex of pixels
3 An intricate and organized chaos