Clock Hands

VR Experience of Controlling Time

Peilin Li
MDes Tech 2020
Haoyu Zhao
MLA I 2020
Beilei Ren
MDes RR 2020
1 Virtual scene of time control

This project is a VR-based experience, which provides an immersive environment and instantaneous responses to the participant’s hands movement. To create the illusion of controlling time in the scene, the distance between two controllers is tracked, and the 3d animations of gameobjects are played in a speed accordingly. The scene constructed in VR is a collection of events associated with the perception of time, e.g. falling raindrops, drifting lanterns, a revolving moon, flocking fish. The speed of spatial sounds is also changed as time changes , emphasizing the perception of time from another sensory input.

Project video
2 Manipulating time with VR controllers
3 Animated events associated with time perception
4 A user journey of time control