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Customized Furniture for Both Kid and Adult

Pu Yu
MLAUD 2020
Xin Wen
MAUD 2020
Yao Gu
MAUD 2020
1 Concept

Adult and Child have different niches in a house due to the differences between their bodies. There is always some conflicts between them when the furniture in the house cannot meet the needs of both of them so that one has to compromise. Even so, people are unwilling to buy two sets of furniture due to its high price. To release the conflicts in a home, we are thinking that Is there any customized furniture that can satisfy both child and adult and also be cost-effective? With a comparison analysis, we found that assembling is a cheap way to achieve this goal. Our furniture would be fit together by two parts, including the harden base customized for the adult and the soft part for the child to put on the harden base.

According to the analysis of ergonomics, we know that customized furniture is changed with the user’s body. And, three basic parameters are influencing the shape of the body involving weight, height, and flexibility. When we change these data input, we can get different shapes of furniture of the target adult and child. Then we can get the soft movable part by trimming the customized furniture of the child from the adult’s.

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