Dear Sleep

Visualize Sleep Data by Quilting

Zhaodi Wang
MLA I 2020
1 Quilt sample 1

The project transfers my personal sleep data into a textile with computational design tool.

I use my phone to track sleep every day and it records a bunch of data about my daily sleep like time, regularity, quality, etc by analyzing the acoustic data from microphone. By utilizing this app, I got to understand my sleep habits better and become more aware of improving the sleep quality as well as the elements that enhance the sleep cycle. Sleep, as one of the most crucial behaviors in our daily routine, represents de-stressing, sensitive moments, dreams and a productive new day. Rather than understanding it from the numbers and charts, the project translate it into a more tangible and emotional artifact. It intends to re-interpret the sleep data into different textile patterns or various knitting methods. The data would change the shape, intensity and color of the textile. For instance, a tighter stitch represents the moment of waking up in the morning while loose stitcher stands for a sweet dream. The fabrics with different patterns will be stitched together to make a quilt to assist me for better sleep, physically and emotionally.

Project video
2 Quilt sample 2
3 Sleep data visualization and legend