Eyes See You!

See, and Be Seen

Xinru Liu
MDes CC 2021
Maria Roldan
MDes Tech 2021
1 Array of eyes in the canvas. Image taken from Processing.

Eyes see you! is a playful yet creepy installation that lures users with a vibrant array of eyes and stares at them. Conceptually, the project deals with objectification, social pressure, and eye geometry and movement. Design wise, it is split into three areas: the creation of eyes in a parametric manner, the arrangement of the eyes, and the sensors that control movement.

The eyes consist of two parametric Bezier curves. Just like regular eyes, they each contain an iris, which has a subtle gradient of colors to make it look more realistic, a pupil, eyelashes, which are the connection between corresponding points along scaled curves, and eyelids, with some fashionable eyeshadow that matches the eye color. Fills and line weights add other make up accents, like mascara and eyeliner. The eyes are arranged in a canvas that adjusts to the projector. Using nested classes, they are created in pairs, so they blink and move together, just like your eyes do! The movement is controlled by two UNO sensors. One sensor tracks side-to-side movement and controls the pupils and irises. The other sensor tracks depth, and controls blinking, jittering, and squeezing. Stop by and see the eyes see you!

Project video
2 Installation mock-up, using UNO sensors, Arduino, and calibrated projections
3 Eye architecture, including color palettes and basic movements