Interact With Your Web Camera

Wei Wu
MDes APDP 2021
1 Wei is always watching you

Surveillance in the digital age could be dangerous, yet it could also be unharmful or even benefit people in their daily life. With a series of interactive actions, I would like to playfully raise awareness of web camera surveillance.

My first action is called “Wei is always watching you.” Using the basic processing index, I simulated a stranger who is observing your life through web cameras. However you move your mouse, I would always keep an eye on your movement.

Using processing and an application called Tramontana, I managed to build a face detection program that could detect your motion of the face, eyes, and mouth. Based on the face detection program, it would be easy to know the number of people in your room. Thus, I built a “Stranger Detector” software that can remind you of the people standing behind you. When another person shows up, your phone would vibrate and change the wallpaper to warn you.

With the same strategy, I made the “Nap Detector” that would notify you when you close your eyes or head down while working with your laptop. Another program is the “Smile Detector” that would change a warmhearted wallpaper with encouraging words for you when you are not smiling in front of the web camera.

Project video
2 Face, eyes and smile recognition
3 Stranger detector
4 Nap detector and smile detector