Accelerated Massing for Sustainable Designs

Mirah Xu
MDes EE 2021
Moulshree Mittal
MDes CC 2021
Kezi Cheng
PhD 2021
1 Randomly generated massing with user ranked score factor and top scoring for each environmental factor

Architects and urban designers go through many tedious iterations of early design massings just to reach a potential design for the planning stage. Additionally, designers do not necessarily consider environmental impacts while running those initial re-iterations of massings. GreenForm incorporates environmental factors such as solar exposure per surface of the building as an essential factor of design concept, in a way that makes it easier and quicker for designers to get through the initial massing phase.

The program allows users to input site specific data – plot restrictions, bye laws, vulnerabilities to natural disasters -- and outputs many random iterations of potential massing arrangements that have optimal geometric volumes. The output is composed of primitive forms such as closed form structures that can represent any buildings ranging from small residential to large commercial. Each output is scored based on the priority of factors placed by users. The scoring tool is implemented to represent how well a geometric massing responds to those factors, and enables users to have the freedom and control to choose the optimal massing with aided designs. This prototype is a preliminary version, and additional features capturing other environmental factors will be implemented with more time and resources.

Project video
2 Overlay of 100 massings using same plot restrictions
3 Grasshopper user interface
4 Randomly generated massing for different site-specific input data.