Mass Production

Urban Massing 3D Sketchbook

Pengcheng Sun
MAUD 2020
Maoran Sun
MDes Tech 2020
Yuebin Dong
MAUD 2020
1 Mass production: conceptual urban massing sketchbook

This project reflects and explores how CAD “aid” early-phase urban design. Currently, urban design is mostly done with 3D software. After some sketches during early concept design phase, most time of design development is spent studying and manipulating building massing in 3D modeling software.

Our group is interested in providing an alternative workflow which emphasizes hand-on 2D sketches and quick 3D massing feedback from 3D software. This “old school hand and eye” design workflow makes early concept design phase more efficient and productive. The advantage of this workflow is quick design iteration, and the hands-on design manipulation. The limitation is that this prototype may only apply during the early design phases and lacks the ability to do detailed design.

Project video
2 3D massing on urban context provides quick design feedback
3 2D concept sketches study the relationship of solid and void massing