Music and the Mind

Influencing The Dialogue

Katarina Richter-Lunn
MDes Tech 2021
1 Caught in Action - Gamma Waves & Butterfly, Bassnectar

Working with sound as our foundational medium our team looked at three different ways in which to interpret the input and return a “translated” version. These translations include; audio user interaction which intuitively responds (Sana Sharma), the interpolation of a song through your brain wave data (Katarina Richter), and the formal adaptation of music through 3D printing (Erin Hunt).

In this part of the investigation sound was analyzed along side of the current brain waves activity from the listener, with use of the Muse device. This activity is then analyzed in real time to effects different characteristics of sound, such as; amplitude, rate, and pan. This allows users to have a certain amount of control over the music they are listening to and give live feed back of your current state of mind. All unique in their approach and output these projects seek to explore the power of auditory information processing by providing fun, relatable interpretations of complex systems.

The hope being that this not only changes the way music is conceived, created and experienced but also can give participants a new medium through which they can start understanding these technologies, and even themselves, better.

Project video
2 Parallel of brain wave activity and sound interpolation
3 Muse headband used to query and stream data