Phantom Monument

Augmented Vision Through Sound & Motion

Zhenyu Yang
MDes Tech 2021
Lei Ye
MDes APDP 2021
1 Close shot of the projection

This project seeks to use projection as an associated digital description of geometry, to project alternative readings onto physical forms. Further develop a series of notation system to either enhance or obfuscate the formal logic of the geometry.

The project focuses on how to use light and shadow as a phenomenon to visually re-interpret the original attributes and boundaries of the geometric form, at the same time considers how to give this interpretation a new dimension and Narrative through sound and motion, as a factor with obvious temporal characteristics.

Light and shadow will be first re-interpreted to geometries as Points, Lines and Surface, by doing so reconstruct the reading of the geometry. Further, Timely sounds and actions on the field will be superimposed in geometric form,as an interactive feature to reveal the idea of coding phantom description onto the form.

Project video
2 Dot cloud
3 Overall shot
4 Sound & motion