Pixel Variations

Vibrating Pixelated Portrait Filter

Tiange Wang
MArch I 2022
Wei Wu
MArch II 2020
1 Captured image display options

Instead of still pixelated portrait, we take a step further to create images of vibrating pixels. These vibrating pixelated images made up of individual pixels of flexible shapes and sizes further adapt the form of digital art to the prevalent usage of contemporary media such as computer and phone screens, which incorporate numerous motions and animations - nothing stays still.

The vibrating pixels, as an interpretation of digital photography and film, destabilize the relationship between what is in the image and what is reality. At certain parameters or alternating milli-seconds, the pixels represent nothing like the original image. The pixelated image alienates itself from the original and shows new relationships within the itself by the composite effect of the pixels (the effect as a function of user-determined pixel shapes and sizes). During other seconds, the pixelated image intensifies certain relationships in the image while muting the others.

This is when our current photography and filming tools start to interpret reality for us, rather than faithfully recording as is.

Project video
2 Relevant variables testing
3 Multiple images test