A Playful and Interactive House Design

Dylan Bachar
MArch II 2020
1 Elevation interface

Robert Venturi's Vanna Venturi House embodies postmodern architecture by manipulating common architectural elements through scale and positioning.Similar to Venturi's project, the playfulness of scale and position allow the user to create their own iconic house design using a video game controller.The project aims to achieve a playful design approach through from an artistic point of view, breaking away from habitual design processes among 3D softwares.

Using the controllers joysticks, triggers and buttons, one can alter many of the fundamental elements that characterize the house, creating a unique project every play.These manipulable elements provide quick and fun characteristics while being able to rotate the house 360 degrees. Visually, the representation approach evokes the postmodern graphic language through a simple flat appearance of color and line weights.

Project video
2 Video game controller manipulation for design
3 House iterations and rotations