Poetic Entwine

Mathematics of Stitching and Coding

Delara Rahim
MDes APDP 2020
1 Poetry of the material vs. poetry of the code

This project is exploring the ideas in textile and coding, inspired by history of generative computer art and the history of the connection of the mathematics of weaving and technology. Through exploring this materiality, material affect and weaving patterns , a series of generative designs and patterns are created with the technique of digital embroidery.

These drawings are inspired by the works of Vera Molnar, Beryl Korot and Manfred Mohr, by introducing the medium of fabric to experiment the poetic translation of the algorithm of the code into the poetry of the materiality. As the simple geometric designs generated by Processing get translated to embroidery, the machine creates the algorithm for the stitches which create new patterns and lines on top of the original shapes, weaving the material that is in the intersect of craft and computation. The translation of the machine gives the ‘woven material’ a handmade and gestural element that is drawn by the machine representing the element of time.

Project video
2 Algorithm of embroidery with coded pattern
3 Generative pattern design