Capture the Essence of the Presence

Seonghyun Nam
MDes APDP 2021
Zidong Huang
MDes CC 2021
1 PRIZM is an interactive column that captures the presence of people

Column, is a part of am artificial structure that is invisible to the users. While its main function is to structurally distribute the weight of the structure, people mostly recognize the columns as visual interference inside space. Project PRIZM is to give meaning to the column and let people to notice its existence and interact with users in the space.

In designing the PRIZM, our team use python together with Rhino and Grasshopper to make the physical object. Machina and ABB robot was used to 3d hot wire cut the white foam which is 50cm x 50cm x 200cm big. Webcam is used, linked with processing – syphon – madmapper in real time to show the interaction design.

People who are wondering around the space will be captured and recorded in the PRIZM. This digital ‘archive’ of people in space can be a representation of a single space, but can be further expanded to visualize a collective memories and presence of people, such as holocaust memorials spread whole around the world, or veteran memorial parks.

Project video
2 Real-time interaction
3 Projection Mapping Design Variations
4 Design process