Repaving Boston

Plugin for Paving Generation

Jianyu Li
MDes CC 2021
Lianliu Guo
MLA I 2021
1 Boston City Hall Plaza paving design

In this final project, our group focuses on how to create a new plugin to generate paving patterns for specified sites creatively and efficiently. We focus on the realistic construction level and put the combination of design process and construction results into consideration. We explore the possibilities of the paving patterns and comprehensively analyze the savings of the paving materials in the realistic construction process, which is more detailed and practical than the ordinary paving generation plugin.

To use this plugin, people should first input the boundaries and obstacles inside the area. Then they can input the size of the tiles to generate the paving. In order to make the final result more closer to one’s expectations, they can input images to construct the patterns of the paving. Furthermore, one can input the reference curves or points to further adjust the pattern. Besides, on the boundary, the plugin can help designers to choose between tiles in different size and calculate the amount of material savings for them. This plugin is suitable for sites in various forms. In the final project, we use this plugin to redesign the Boston city hall Plaza and Downtown crossing Plaza as two examples for users.

Project video
2 The plugin's working flow
3 The paving pattern design with variable parameters
4 The conceptual rendering of Downtown Crossing paving design