Unbounded Dreams

Perforated Lamp Generation

Jiayin Lu
PhD Applied Mathematics in SEAS 2023
1 Lamps (left to right): Bedtime story; Goodbye to the past; Dancing into the night.

I have always liked light. Light is romantic; Light is imaginative; light is colorful; light is mysterious; light represents hope; light is a world of unbounded dreams. In this project, I developed a C++ program that generates perforated lamps based on pre-designed wall projection patterns.

The program takes in two kinds of inputs: a lamp shape STL model, and pre-designed light projection patterns on the 6 surrounding walls of the lamp. The program will then generate holes at the corresponding places on the lamp model and output a perforated lamp STL model. The perforated lamp, when put in a light source inside, will then project the desired patterns on the walls.

I made three demo pieces, where each of them is an artwork of a theme. I also made two large interactive demo for people to play around. The program is made available on my GitHub for anyone to use for their own design purposes. The example models are all free to download in my Thingiverse account.

Project video
2 Projected wall patterns
3 Projected wall patterns
4 Interactive demo with 3 colors' lights to play around
5 Dreamy lights