Urban Dreaming with Clear Orientation

Erik Fichter
MArch I 2023
1 The Urban Splash based on the city grid of Paris

URBAN SPLASH is an urban design project linking an urban vision and computational design. The urban provocation grows out of the desire to make cities better readable through the urban notion of orientation. Orientation is important for navigating through the city and is often aggravated through the homogeneous and generic city-scape.

The proposed provocation enables urban readings for orientation on different scales. On one hand the sense of direction is strengthened through the rotation of the buildings to optimize the interior on the one hand and give a sense for the south when walking through the street. Further the plan envisions that the two plots with the greatest roof surface gets connected into an arch. The arch acts as an center point to gravitate around and at the same time offers a reading which parts of the city are similar plot sized which might correspond to a certain program. The coding of the project allows the user to feed a map with plot outlines which then automatically answers with anoption. The options can be adjusted by providing further building code restrictions like the building perimeter and height limits. Those inputs in combination with the rotation of the roofs create varying roof areas which will be the seed for the urban bridge, the URBAN SPLASH.

Project video
2 The Urban Splash based on the city grid of Las Vegas
3 Diagrams