Computational Collage

A Web-based Generative Collage Tool

Zhixin Lin
MDes Tech 2021
1 Computational collage sample with blend mode on

This project explores ways to breathe new life into one’s digital photo collections through creative generative collaging. Collaging, the art of arranging different fragments in a frame, has long been a powerful device for expressions. Artists make collages to deliver manifestos through overlaying discrete fragments by hand or in photoshop. Social media users make collages to attract likes using photo editing apps. Either way, collaging is typically characterized by combinations of discrete objects or image frames.

In contrast to the existing approaches, this project offers new modalities to blend multiple images seamlessly leveraging computational power. The tool allows users to upload their own photos and try out 9 collaging modes and an additional blending toggle to make inventive montages. By piecing together the fragmented frames of one’s past, the resulting imagery sparks new relationships among photos while preserving the legibility of the collective visual identity of original images.

Project video
2 Iterations using different collaging modes
3 App interface