Emotion Escape

The Invisible Emotional City

Kelsey Wang
MDes RR 2021
Yu Wang
MDes CC 2021
1 Visualization of Positive and Negative World

EMOTION ESCAPE is an integration of the urban scale of project visualizing and prototyping the emotion sensory of the city. Our project questions the traditional dictation of cities as static and concrete forms, seeking to build an innovative tool which interprets the city with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional representations, and reveals the underlying urban form and city image which cannot be seen. The project studies the distribution of social emotion through sentiment analysis on geo-related social media posts, in order to visualize the distribution of emotion as one of the urban topographies, representing the invisible urban form and city image, and propose the possible interventions of getting involved in emotional regulations of an urban scale design.

Project video
2 Sentiment Analysis and Emotion Data Visualization
3 Emotion Escape Demo