A VR Low-Poly Mesh Creator

Davide Zhang
MArch I 2023
1 Mesh coloring using the color wheel.

Meshly is an intuitive low-poly mesh modeling application in VR. It is developed with the goal of being adopted by designers in their workflow as well as hobbyists without training in 3D modeling software. The project was built in Unity, written in C#, and runs on Oculus Quest 2.

The motivation of the project stems from the need for intuitive, freeform 3D modeling methods and the steep learning curve of professional mesh modeling software. The interaction design is inspired by the small scale sculpting process where one holds and rotates the object in their non-dominant hand and uses their dominant hand to sculpt. In Meshly's modeling environment, the user could use the left controller as their “hand” that holds and orients the object. The right controller is then a metaphor for the “tool” that manipulates the object, much like a chisel or any other sculpting tool. To stay true to the simplicity of this paradigm and achieve more from less, the player movement is confined and direct controller collision replaces the common raycast pointer model. There are 3 modes of interacting with the mesh: create, sculpt, and color. Each interacts with the vertex to create, modify, and color the mesh. Import and export OBJ file functionality is also implemented. With the framework in place, the project could be developed further while keeping the interaction paradigm.

Project video
2 Rotating and coloring the mesh.
3 Interaction concept based on the sculpting process.
4 Controller manual for Create Mode.
5 A mesh in progress and a view of the radial menu.