Shadow: Light

AR Game to Reverse Shadow as Light

James Ruan
MDes CC 2022
Jinzi Wei
MArch II 2022
Xiaoyao Ma
MDes CC 2022
1 Parallel of ordinary world and shadow world with city

The shadow is always thought of as somewhere unilluminated. It is often treated as the opposite of the light. However, in this project, we challenge this mindset by re-defining the shadow as the new way to “illuminate” objects.

It is an AR project which will generate a hidden city and a mysterious monolith, with a spotlight for you to explore the city through the eye of shadow. Once scanning the triggering image, the shadow world is generated:

Move your camera like you are moving your heads out of curiosity. And you will find a city in the shadow area, whereas the illuminated area is all blank.

Touch the screen and pan. You could move the virtual spotlight to discover the complete picture of the city.

Have fun and see the world from a different perspective!

Project video
2 Diagram showing how Shadow: Light is designed and functioned
3 Real-time interaction with the AR