The City Speaks

Share Your Voice With the City

Devashree Shah
MArch II 2022
Gauri Nagpal
MDes APDP 2022
Tanushri Dalmiya
MAUD 2022
1 Moment of Pause: A contextual Visualization.

The world seems to be in an unidentifiable rush to nowhere, skipping meals, dodging deadlines, or flitting from task to task. We navigate the city in trajectories we have internalized through our daily commute - hopping off the metro, walking past that subway, waiting at that bus stop, or walking past the same street every day. Our environment subsumes all our attention without ever being the foreground of our gaze. When was the last time, you paused, even for a second? Through an interactive installation, we wish to activate some of the ‘dead’ surfaces in the city that will ephemerally engage commuters to break this monotony of transit and participate in conversations about the city. We hope to achieve this by offering them a quick option to interact with and respond to a poll of questions that will get updated every few days. By manipulating digital objects projected on walls, the user engages in a playful motion, leading them to their respective ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ digital cocoons as a response that is visible in real time for all to contribute to. We want to grasp the pulse of the city and give the city a voice through our interactive projection.

Project video
2 Interaction: Community casts its vote.
3 End of Day: Vote Count.
4 Reset: A new day, A new question.
5 Scan and access: Keep track of the pulse of the city.