Cross-pollination Strut

Organic Interpolation

Grace Ko
MDes EE 2022
Ernesto Carvajal
MArch II 2023
Selwyn Bachus
MArch II 2022
1 Flower pollination pattern generated by human motions

Our team aims to capture different hand motions representing opposite orientations and how both can be interpolated to create a third output. The first motion represents verticality and is inspired by Louis I. Kahn’s hand drawing of Flower Within a Circle in a live demonstration at the University of Pennsylvania. The second motion represents horizontality and is inspired by Conor McGregor’s walk or better known as “The Billionaire Strut”.

As the result of interpolating both motions, this project explores the idea of cross-pollination as the link between the vertical and horizontal motion. We call this link the Cross-pollination Strut and it’s represented with dandelions that grow exponentially on the curves generated from the flower and walking motion.

Project video
2 Transposing human motions into cross-pollination
3 Animating cross-pollination strut with dandelion seeds from box-mapping