Mapped Energy Movement

Mapping Dragonball Z's Movement

Timothy Tamulonis
MArch II 2023
Cathy Wu
MArch II 2023
Yizhao Zhao
MArch II 2022
1 Assembly of Motions

Spatial and temporal mapping of a common movement displayed in Dragonball Z. This project maps the hand movement of the show's common energy blast.

Using the Vive live tracking ecosystem, the team was able to record the movements in real-time, translating them into three-dimensional digital points. With this data, the points were modified through c# code to produce three effects, a central ball that slowly grows to represent the concentrated energy, two revolving spheres to represent the motion and a cylindrical blast to represent the release of the energy.

Project video
2 Grasshopper Script
3 C# code written within grasshopper