Sparkler Writer

Playing with Light and Motion

Angela Zhu
MAUD 2021
Esther Xie
MLAUD 2023
Gerardo Corona
MAUD 2023
1 The character for ‘beauty’ in motion

In the 20th century, painting with light was an exciting new medium that allowed artists to discover images with a

camera they could not see with their own eyes. They could accomplish this with tracking the movement of a light

source in front of a camera with long exposure.

Similarly, “Sparkler Writer” oers the opportunity to create images with light through motion tracking. This exercise

draws inspiration from Chinese calligraphy and elevates its complexity by adding new inputs. With HTC, the characters are spelled out in mid-air by one user, while a second user moves the rst user along an axis. A three-dimensional pattern is created, and later processed in Grasshopper and C# to reveal new possibilities of pattern formations. An alternative implementation uses Fologram to create sparkles in real time in front of the computer, providing the user fun, interactive experience.

Finally, we like to imagine the extended potential uses for the Sparkler Writer. From a safer alternative to sparklers to light shows with traditional reworks and drone mapping, the possible applications endless.

Project video
2 Obtention of raw data from movement
3 Tracking movement with HTC
4 Basic visualization
5 The tracing of different characters yields different spatial configurations