Allegory of the Cave

Stable Perspective View with Transient Volume

Hangsoo Jeong
MArch I 2022
Jacky Wong
MArch II 2022
Henrik Ilvesmäki
MDes HPDM 2022
1 Hero image

Plato’s allegory of the cave - a rumination on the nature of belief versus knowledge - is depicted here as a parametric surface, which remains fixed from a specific angle yet changes rapidly when viewed from others.

In our first iteration, we created a 2D surface that is projected onto a plane. While the form of the object changes, its projection remains fixed. The surface is projected from a single point via 4 lines onto a flat plane in front of it. Three parameters can be changed in this model: the projection distance, the size of the projection, and the iteration seed.

In our second iteration, we added one more dimension to what came before, and created a sphere with the projection of a cube located within it. While the original form of the cube changes rapidly when viewed from its exterior, its projection on the surface of the sphere remains constant. In addition to this, the cube also maintains its shape when viewed from the projection point inside itself using a wide angle lens. The variables of this model are derived from the overall radius of the sphere, so only the radius and the seed iteration parameters can be changed here.

Project video
2 Intermediate step
3 Front perspective of the surface
4 Isometric view of the surface projection
5 Interior view of the 3D object