The Shine

A Reflection on Transience and Permanence

Angela Zhu
MLAUD 2021
Esther Xie
MLAUD 2023
Gerardo Corona
MAUD 2023
1 "The Shine" reflects on the permutable qualities found in nature.

“The Shine” draws inspiration from the permutable qualities of natural landscapes. Water, time and light come into play in this aspiration to emulate the complexity found in nature.

The space is defined by a plane in flux, where the effect of two different points creates concentric ripples. A kinetic plane, the effect reads as waves in motion.

On a vertical plane, drops intersect the undulating surface at different heights, creating the effect of falling droplets. The tension in the waves breaks when the droplets reach an intersection with the horizontal surface.

As the final animation unveils, it becomes apparent that transience and permanence can be best understood in when objects are in motion.

Project video
2 Using Grashopper and C# to create and multiply ripples
3 Alternative iterations with applied materials.