In My Mind

A Peak Into the Minds of Two Design Students

Ernesto Carvajal
MArch II 2023
Selwyn Bachus II
MArch II 2022
1 Conjoined head pavilion

Given the timeframe when the scans of our heads were taken (Halloween), we decided to embrace the aesthetic of the holiday and manifest Pinhead into our project. As we looked at the characters structural elements (pins), they immediately brought to mind Thomas Heatherwick’s UK Pavilion at Shanghai’s World Expo in 2010 colloquially known as the “Seed Cathedral”. We thus decided to use our own bodily shells as the form generators for our own type of point cloud cathedral. Further embracing the grotesque, we conjoined our heads as in the double-headed sculptures of antiquity.

Project video
2 Interesting overlaps of facial features, where does one face begin and the other end?
3 In our minds!