iPhone 9 3/4

Selfie: A Modern Self-Portrait

Jennifer Horowitz
Harvard GSD x USC Spatial Sciences Institute 2022
Quoc Dang
MDes Ecologies 2023
Marius Oneta
ETH Exchange 2023
1 Our grasshopper script manipulated 3D scanned head and morphed it to fit through the funnel of the phone.

Have you ever wondered why there has never been an iPhone 9 released? While a team of 3 people actually worked on an iPhone 9, almost no one knows about that confidential project, internally called “iPhone 9 ¾", the first iPhone with a teleportation-camera. While the prototype has been safely locked away, the three researchers who worked on it still remain missing.

Our project ventured to explore mesh manipulation for assignment 2 through the lens of option B which asked us to explore the use of mesh transformation in service of “a modern self-portrait". In our view, the selfie presents a modern attempt to capture a moment of consciousness and self. Much in the same way the great renaissance painters and artists of tremendous renown captured their own visage in a manner that was forever immortalized.

The project is structured in two computational parts – the mesh manipulation using C# in Rhino Grasshopper and the character animation in Unity.

Project video
2 This captures a few snippets from our multi-dimensional advert for the iPhone 9.75 built in Unity.
3 This shows the full process of the 3D scanned mesh from start to finish.