Not-so-still Still-life

Still-life as Graphics Interchange Formats

Grace Ko
MDes EE 2022
1 Still-life in two art forms: 17th-century still-life painting & 21st-century rainbow poptart cat

This project aims to compose and interpret a contemporary still-life by introducing basic elements of quick and abstract animation, while maintaining certain characteristics of a traditional realism still-life. The idea of this project comes from a simple question of what happens when high art meets low art? Can they co-exist and if they do, what would that look like?

As an initial stage of finding the composition of the new form of still-life, objects that are easily found at home were 3d scanned in Qlone. After attempting to scan various objects with different scanning strategies, four scanned objects were selected for the ‘Not-so-still Still-life’ project and brought into the digital space as meshes. The meshes were then compositionally organized to mimic certain qualities of traditional realism still-life paintings. The realistic textures of the meshes were abstracted for flattening effects by remapping the meshes with different combinations of RGB colors. Finally, a quick gif was created as it captures the moment of the still-life objects in a simplistic motion, where they fall from the space, hit the surface below and switch colors as they explode.

Project video
2 17th C Still-life painting & 21st C rainbow poptart cat
3 3d scanned objects in Qlone
4 Series of dynamic still-life images produced for animation