Synth Face

New Humans, New Portraits.

Angela Zhu
MAUD 2021
Esther Xie
MLAUD 2023
Gerardo Corona
MAUD 2023
1 The resulting portraits of three new humans

Synth Face is a playful exercise in human face figuration.

The inspiration comes from face morphing applications that merge facial features of different sources to create new faces.

The first step is sourcing the bases through an initial scan of real-life humans, which is then simplified by reducing the mesh output to a down-sampled version in order to optimize computer resources.

After processing the meshes to obtain a point cloud, a segmentation of the volumes is applied with a grid, in order to facilitate experimentation.

The final result draws inspiration from cubist art of the 20th century, with three new dynamic portraits as a result.

Project video
2 Experimenting with different manipulations to obtain the final output was essential.
3 A grid is established to assist in locating the different points in the geometry that resulted from the scans.