Mario Karting

"Welcome, Welcome New [Motion]!"

Aria Hill
MArch II 2024
Henry Chung
MArch I AP 2024
Gabriel Soomar
MDes Publics/MArch II 2024
1 A full view of the motion-informed "rainbow road."

Inspired by various aspects of childhood nostalgia, the final form of our project attempts to translate various movements into a race track akin to Rainbow Road from the Mario Kart series. Using the HTC Vive motion capture environment, our team was able to record various movements in real-time (dribbling a basketball, dancing, shooting a bow and arrow, and boxing). Through various computational processes – namely, lofting, arraying, and extrusion – we were able to parse the collected data and abstract it into a three-dimensional digital representation of a Mario Kart race track with the infamous star and power-up boxes.

Project video
2 A close-up of the race track and its guardrails.
3 An experiential image of the prize boxes!