Oh Lait

Capturing Barista Skills and Latte Art

Connie Hui
MDes Tech 2024
Yeonho Lee
MArch II 2024
1 Coffee Branding with Visualized Motions

Exploring techniques of latte art, we captured the motions and gestures of a barista making the most three iconic patterns: heart, tulip, and rosetta. Through hands-on practices, we focused on not only movements of the hand controlling the milk jug but also the hand holding the coffee mug underneath. The raw datas for this graphic visualization were collected from motions of both hands. All three patterns began with a similar rotating gesture, but movement varies significantly along with the process. Speed is also a key element in controlling flow, which is represented along the path of the motions through various parameters. By visualizing such a highly skilled and culturally rich practice, we also hope to highlight the stories behind every cup of coffee from sourcing to roasting, as well as art making.

Project video
2 Tulip Latte Pattern with Chocolate Flavored Beans
3 Heart Latte Pattern with Candied Orange Flavored Beans
4 Rosetta Latte Pattern with Marshmallow Flavored Beans