Rhyme of Eurhythmics

A Visualization of the Movement Progression

Xinxuan Yang
MArch II 2024
Yiqi Yan
MDE 2024
Ruijen Yang
MArch II 2024
1 This shows the progression of the recorded movement and the final output

In this project, we first recorded the motion positions at equal time intervals using HTC devices. The data was imported into the grasshopper, and the relative velocity of each segment of motion was measured by taking the distance between two points. The motion trajectory and motion velocity were visualized by the different colors of the nodes and the unfolded area of the segmented trajectory.

The mechanism of our project is based on the mechanical motion capture systems which directly track body joint angles and are often referred to as exoskeleton motion capture systems, due to the way the sensors are attached to the body. We attached the skeletal-like structure to our bodies and as we move so do the articulated mechanical parts, measuring the relative motion. Mechanical motion capture systems are real-time, relatively low-cost, free from occlusion, and wireless (untethered) systems that have unlimited capture volume.

Project video
2 Two external controllers were attached separately on leg and hand recording distinctive paths.
3 The info extraction of the record: vertices, threads, and faces.