Triple Movements

Muqing Bai
MDdes Ecology 2023
Shichen Li
MArch II 2023
Zhaoqi Chen
MAUD 2022
1 1. Seeing the Invisible Dynamics

The Bauhaus dances, created by Oskar Schlemmmer, along with Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky, are a series of dancing performances set within Bauhaus design school.

The dances took inspiration from the architectonic cubical stage space designed by Walter Gropius for the Dessau Bauhaus. Basic geometric forms are performed via human body movement.

The abstraction of complex body movement of Bauhaus dances into simple line drawings gives us inspiration. Instead of using lines, we would like to three-dimensionalize our movements from pt A to pt B into surfaces. The resulting surfaces are to be manufactured and exhibited together, inviting viewers to imagine the original body movements.

Project video
2 2. Oskar Schlemmer_Stick dance_1928
3 3. Record Movements
4 4. Movements Translated into Artifacts