Synthesis of Sensations

Dialogues Between Dimensions and Senses

Sujie Park
MArch I 2023
Chuan Yin
MArch II 2023
1 visualization of the music and choreographed dance perceived on our own.

Any creative work is expressed in a way that arouses one or more sensations. Traveling through light and air, the sensory stimuli created by an author land on your eyes, ears, or sometimes skin. It is easy to assume that what you and the people next to you see/hear/touch are the same. However, once the information passes one’s retina and eardrums, then gets tossed to a plethora of neurons with different functions–this internal journey, post-processing of data, results in each individual’s unique perception of reality. When different perceptions of a stimulus are manifested in various modes of representation, it produces dialogues between dimensions and senses—from hearing to sight, from 3D to 2D, and back and forth.

Walking into a space where different types of sensory stimuli are amplified, visitors experience a perceptional explosion. Such immersive experiences can be executed by either alienating the curated world from the outside or creating a mashup between the real and virtual worlds (VR). Through experimenting with tracking/visualizing dances of different genres, drawing more objective information on the choreographers’ interpretations of the music, we will attempt to achieve a more accurate reading of others’ perceptions and discover a new potential for the synthesis of sensations.

Project video
2 another iteration of the visualization for the cardio dance motions.
3 front views of different dance moves and body parts
4 top views of different dance moves and body parts
5 grasshopper script for different representation styles