Blue Hour

An Island of Sentiments and Memories

Connie Hui
MDes Tech 2024
Yeonho Lee
MArch II 2024
1 Emerging Experiences and Evolving Memories

Blue hour is an inspiring time period in-between hustle of the day and vivid promise brought by the night. It witnesses the energy shifts in nature as well as human sentiments. Wandering off into the near dark, the vacuity and silence of blue hours provoke mindful reflections and rejuvenation of thoughts and emotions.

Inspired by Eric Rohmer’s tale of the four seasons, a series of movies depicting the subtle relationship between nature and humans, this “blue hour landscape” is constructed as an “imaginary island” representing one’s memories and narration of life.

We challenged the concept of memories washing off by the pass of time [LESS] and hoped to illustrate a positive correlation in-between emerging experiences and evolving memories [MORE].

The landscape is composed of two clusters of metaballs: one is attached with metallic materials to represent future encounters and the other is painted with movie scenes and illuminated to represent archives of life moments. As these two clusters continuously come across and intertwine with each other in a blue hour setting, the imaginary island of memories gradually expands into a glorious palace of enlightenment.

Project video
2 Blue Hour in Alaska ©Connie Hui
3 Aerial view of the Island
4 Inspirations from Éric Rohmer's films