Bounce The Sound!

Relationship Between Sounds and Artifacts

Selin Dursun
MDes Tech 2024
Danning Liang
MDes Tech 2024
Yuto Takenaka
DDes 2023
1 A snapshot of the rendered video displaying the bouncing movement of the balls and their connection to the sound

Our main idea was to generate a 3D-digital software instrument where multiple users interact it though pressing a key and

activating the balls, initiating the flow of balls dropping down to the flat plane and making sounds.

Pressing a button or a key generates the movement of the ball, then a tone.

The generated ball starts traveling down to the plane and bouncing against the perimeter of the window and the surface.

More balls, more sounds: less balls, less sound: A visuo-auditory less and more analysis.

Project video
2 Diagram of Our Idea
3 Experimenting with Arduino
4 The Process of Making Bounce the Sound
5 Grasshopper with Arduino, C#, Mosquito and Kangaroo Plugins