Dynamic Valley

Cyclic Cellular Automata Interpretation

Kai Zhang
MDes Mediums 2024
Serrino Liu
MDes Mediums 2023
Percy Long
MAUD 2023
1 Dynamic Valley

Taking the idea from the valley, that is an elongated area formed by the erosion of the land surface by rivers or streams over an incredibly long period of time. It is the evidence of the third dimension impact. The typical valley shapes are steep-sided canyons, but they also depend on what is eroding them, the slope of the land, the type of rock or soil, and the amount of time that land has been corrupted. We wanted to capture this magnificence of affection of time. Using cyclic cellular automata as the main driving method of creating the surface and adding the layers, we eventually were able to form a valley representing the lostness of time.

Project video
2 Brightness as Extrusion Height Test
3 Cylindrical Surface Test
4 Flat Surface Test
5 Final Valley