Frequency City

Music as a Parameter for Urban Design

Henry Chung
MArch I 2024
Aria Hill
MArch II 2024
Gabriel Soomar
MDes Publics/MArch II 2024
1 Final proposal of Frequency City

Inspired by our musical backgrounds, Group 12 focused on the dual-ended spectrum of frequency — bass and treble — as a means to investigate the relationship between the concept “less is more.” Our process included translating the concept of bass (low frequency) into a literal base made of mesh surfaces for an island in which treble (high frequency) represented a trifold city consisting of NURBS surfaces. While the base of the island simulates an undulating landscape, the top of the island possesses three versions of architectural city standards —high-rise, mid-rise, and low-rise buildings. Informed by audio input, we are able to link the model and the incoming frequency to create movement in the model corresponding to the frequency of each auditory note.

Project video
2 Response variation by tone control; N.H. Crowhurst
3 Procedural diagram for generating forms
4 Aggregation of multiple Frequency Cities