From Pre to Post Anthropocene

Jingyi Jia
MLA I 2023
Owen Mellett
MArch I 2023
Magic Sun
MLA II 2023
1 The three phenomena together, traversing the pre to post anthropocene.

Considering the brief of a “space for more & less” the team was inspired by humanity’s relation to geographical and natural forces. Examining 3 distinct phenomena across scales and temporal lengths, we sought to bring out their interrelation across time, scale and pattern, relating that which occurs in nature to the growth and decay of our cities.

The first phenomenon studied was the effect of raindrops on a surface, their impacts creating geometrical growth, bringing complexity to stillness and creating more from less.

The second phenomenon studied was the decay of the landscape over time, the methods by which complexity is broken down into simplicity, and more becomes less.

The final phenomenon studied was the growth and decay of cities over time, with the first instance of inhabitation rippling outwards until it can grow no more, then decaying once it can sustain itself no longer. Here, less becomes more until more becomes less, human inhabitation as a temporal combination and shift of natural phenomena at both large and small scales.

Project video
2 The raindrops / growth program.
3 Inspiration (raindrops, weathering, and inhabitation)
4 Detailed view of the inhabitation program and its reference points.