New Dimension

Life and Death of Artworks

Gloria Yan
MArch II 2023
Shaoyu (Aelin) Li
MDes Narratives 2024
Chang Wu
MArch II 2024
1 Venus De Urbino, Tiziano Vecelli, 1534.

Paintings are dead – not that they don’t breathe but their flatness renders them one-dimensional in a growingly multi-faceted world. The fascinating gaze of Mona Lisa lies in her dark amber pupils which are enlightened by her mysteries surroundings. Extracting the shades of light from paintings, we aim to restore the stories behind artworks by introducing a new dimension. The project started with examining a portrait of Venus, where her naked body posed an almost perfect 3-dimensional reconstruction of the Real in relation to brightness. The same methods were applied to several other paintings and brought lives to either historical figures or abstract expressions. What’s more than rendering merely the depth of a still painting by analyzing its lighting reception was the introduction of a third factor: sound. Here again, just like how the eyes of Mona Lisa reflected her perception of the contemporary physical environment, acoustical behaviors cast control over the dimensional performance of artworks and influence how they respond to the ambience.

Project video
2 Workflow.
3 Meisje met de parel, Johannes Vermeer, 1665.
4 Creazione di Adamo, Michelangelo, 1508–1512.
5 Artworks in their new dimensions.