Recurring Chaos

The Dopamine Effects from Social Media

Muqing Bai
MDE 2023
Zhaoqi Chen
MAUD 2022
Shichen Li
MArch II 2023
1 Snapshots of social media message influx

Social Media platforms have spent lots of time and effort to keep people stay wired and connected. People’s experiences with sentiments, interactions, and emotions were predetermined by algorithms and sophisticated artificial intelligence systems. Contents are preselected and personalized for viewers based on their viewing history and preferences. For many young people, the first thing to do after waking up and the last thing to do before sleep is scroll on their phones. Browsing and checking social media become daily routines, repetitive and time-consuming.

Inspired by the chaotic beauty aesthetic of the collaborative artwork r/place hosted on Reddit, Recurring Chaos visualizes the daily repetition of information influx from social media platforms. Like running water in a river, moving pixels of thumbnail images portray the recurring theme of social media chaos. The chaos starts when a new day starts.

Project video
2 Excitement, Insomnia and Anxiety rendered by three mathematical functions
3 r/Place - Reddit