Self Constructed City

Urban Generation Through Self Evolution

Jenny Jiang
MDE 2023
Haozhuo Yang
MAUD 2024
Guoli Zhang
MAUD 2023
1 A Self-generated City Model Based on Certain Development Mode

Cellular Automata, is a discrete model computation. It reveals that when many simple agents work together, they can exhibit a complex intelligent behavior.

City elements, such as buildings, green space coexist to form a city. Based on the theory of cellular automation, we create this self-constructed a urban system. In this system, if a single parcel is surrounded by too many or too few parcels of a certain type, the type of the parcel will change.

The simulations are projected onto a 3D space. We generate a variety of different simulations based on height, slope, contours, shadows, drainage and aspect of the landscape model.

By setting different rules, we have already created 3 types of urban development models. In the capital driven model, residential and commercial parcels are hardly ever restricted, so they grow to their density limits. In the policy driven model, residential, commercial and green parcels interact with each other to create a dynamic balance. In the ecology driven model, green space becomes a major consideration.

Project video
2 Residential, Commercial, and Green Space Urban Elements
3 Policy-driven Self-generated City Evolvement Process
4 Policy-driven, Capital-driven, and Ecology-driven City Models