Traffic No More

Find a Balance Between Roads and Buildings

Chuan Yin
MArch II 2023
Sujie Park
MArch I 2023
1 Traffic congestion caused by dense building blocks and narrow streets.

“The Grid defines a new balance between control and de-control in which the city can be at the same time ordered and fluid, a metropolis of rigid chaos. (Rem Koolhaas 1978)”

A street grid is a defining element of many American cities. Although it often delineates only two elements, the streets and the blocks, the grid affects almost all aspects of city life. Roads and buildings produce the grid, which is followed by public utilities, transportation, and social patterns. First instituted 18-9th Centuries when many were still on horseback, the streets of the grid were soon after asked for more by the cities as skyscrapers formed the street walls, and developers sought to build to the edge of their lots.

Inspired by congested urban conditions caused by the imbalance between the streets and building blocks, this project imagines more intuitive distributions of those two urban components to address the problem.

Project video
2 Urban grid variations on road width, quantity, lot size and density.
3 Aerial view of the grid with moderate density.