As I Want To See It!

Mesh Hallucinations Using OOO

Radhakrishnan T R
MAUD 2023
1 Mesh Hallucinations

Contrary to theoretical physics, object-oriented ontology offers a new theory of everything. As Graham Harman asserts, not everything has to do with physicality, the fundamentals of reality, or even how things appear to us. Yes, OOO proposes, non-human objects coexist with humans on a level playing field regardless of human perception. The theory specifically rejects the assertions that metaphysics is centred on human experience and that our understanding of the world may shed light on it. In light of the fact that we are unable to speculate about things based on how they appear to us, why should things appear to us in the way they do?

Utilizing the perceptional freedom that OOO offers, whereby we are not obligated to perceive or comprehend things as they appear, but rather are free to do so, allowing us to indulge our whims. This project titled “As I Want To See It,” uses LIDAR technology available in our phones to 3D scan everyday objects and interpret them as Mesh hallucinations in augmented reality.

I don't see why an orange has to look like an orange; it might be a strawberry. Or I could use a balloon as my monitor. The possibilities don't end, after all the object has its own presence.

Project video
2 Perceiving Orange Through Object Oriented Ontology
3 Graham Harman's View of Objects
4 3D Scan of Controller Using LiDAR
5 Text To Mesh Stylization Using AR