Choreographed Entropy

Visualizing Remains of Our Digital Footprint

Edith Xu
MAUD 2023
Sara Park
MAUD 2023
Jonathan Cook
MLAUD 2023
1 Synthesis of generations of technology and their ultimate demise.

Responding to the exponential advancement of technology, new device releases replace the previous generation each year. Headphones we use right now quickly become obsolete, while our original wired earbuds sit in our drawers. What happens to these?

Our assignment visualizes the timeline of these tech accessories, from the current to the past, then ultimately succumbing to entropy.

A deconstructed mesh becomes a series of vertices used to form a one-to-one correspondence with another object. This allows for their metamorphosis. Paths between corresponding vertices are used to create the transformation, with the distance from each index subdivided by a timing slider. This is then represented as a wireframe structure and a series of decomposing spheres.

Project video
2 A scanned set of headphones morphs into another generation of wired earbuds.
3 Mold and artful Petri dishes inspired this process of technological decomposition.