Human Universe

Human Exploding Into the Universe

Jenny Jiang
MDE 2023
Haozhuo Yang
MAUD 2024
Guoli Zhang
MAUD 2023
1 Collection of human portraits

Universe starts as a hot and infinitely dense point. Only a few millimeters wide, similar to a supercharged black hoe. About 13.7 billion years ago, this tiny singularity violently exploded to

matter, energy, space, and time. As time goes by, the universe continues to explode and will reach its destiny, heat death.

When people start to think, their brains get connected to the universe. The Latin “cogito, ergo sum”, usually translated into English as "I think, therefore I am", is the "first principle" of René Descartes's philosophy.

Our minds emerge from nothingness and grow rapidly, just like the Big Bang. When it expands to a certain limit, the entropy of our mind also increases and explodes. Finally, our minds will disappear into disorder and chaos, returning to nothingness.

Project video
2 Decomposition process of human portrait
3 Human portrait metamorphosis
4 Decomposition of human body
5 Decomposition process of human portrait