Invisible Struggle

The Silent Scream and the Static Struggle

Youtian Duan
MDes Mediums 2024
Doris Duanmu
MIT SMArchS 2023
Abigail Swallow
MDE 2024
1 Variations

Covid 19 swept the globe with a visible impact on public health, the economy, and society, leaving invisible traces to individuals long after the pandemic. In this project, we want to focus on depicting the mental struggles that are invisible to the naked eye, yet everyone may have faced them during Covid 19 quarantine. We started with a scanned part of a body mannequin and populated the modified mesh model with a simplex noise script that generated a series of deformations. The deformation process illustrates the emotions and feelings that urge to burst out of one’s body and how they stretch one’s body and mind when facing the Covid crisis. It also shows the feeling of being trapped, as many of us were, in isolation and within our minds.

Project video
2 Morphing
3 3D scanning object